ACB Stationers Product Listing (A)

This listing is a summary of all available items from ACB Stationers. Please contact us directly for all pricing information. Special prices for large order quantities can be negotiated.

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Code Item Description Quantity
MOOO Bond Till Rolls - 37X70mm EACH
MOOO - 44X70mm EACH
MOOO - 57X57mm EACH
MOOO - 57X76mm EACH
MOOO - 76X76mm EACH
MOOO Other Text/Bond/Thermal/2-3 Ply Till Rolls on request
MOOO Bic - Glue Stick 22 gr EACH
A020 Bantex - Glue Stick 8 gr EACH
A023 - Glue Stick 22 gr EACH
A026 - Glue Stick 35 gr EACH
A016 Bostik - Clear Adhesive 25 ml EACH
MOOO - Prestick 25 gr EACH
A018 - Prestick 100 gr EACH
A019 Henkel - Pritt Glue Stick 10 gr EACH
A022 - Pritt Glue Stick 20 gr EACH
A025 - Pritt Glue Stick 40 gr EACH
MOOO - Pritt Power Stick 19.5 gr EACH
MOOO - Clear Adhesive 25 ml EACH
MOOO - Pritt Sticky Stuff 120 gr EACH
A003 - Ponal Wood Glue 120 ml EACH
MOOO Oth Amos/Genk/Pentel/Staedtler/Treeline/UHU on request
MOOO Clear Tape 12X33M Small Core ROLL
A001 Clear Tape 12X33M Large Core ROLL
A002 Clear Tape 12X66M ROLL
MOOO Clear Tape 18X66M ROLL
A004 Clear Tape 24X66M ROLL
A009 Packaging Clear Tape 48X50M ROLL
A006 Packaging Buff Tape 48X50M ROLL
MOOO Double Sided Tape 12X33 ROLL
MOOO Double Sided Tape 18X33 ROLL
MOOO Double Sided Tape 24X33 ROLL
A012 Masking Tape 12mmX40m ROLL
A013 Masking Tape 18mmX40m ROLL
A014 Masking Tape 24mmX40m ROLL
A007 Invisible Tape 12mmX25m ROLL
A008 Invisible Tape 18mmX25m ROLL
MOOO Invisible Tape 24mmX25m ROLL
MOOO Invisible Tape 12mmX50m ROLL
MOOO Invisible Tape 18mmX50m ROLL
MOOO Invisible Tape 24mmX50m ROLL
MOOO Sellotape Vinyl 12X66 Assorted Colours ROLL
A100 3M - Magic Tape 12MMX50M ROLL
A010 - Magic Tape 18MMX50M ROLL
A011 - Magic Tape 24MMX50M ROLL
MOOO - Mounting Tape for Smooth Surfaces 18X1M ROLL
T221 Tape Dispenser - Large Core Ass Colours EACH
T220 - Small Core Eagle 898S EACH
MOOO Hand Carton Sealer T290 EACH
MOOO Hand Carton Sealer Plastic EACH
MOOO Other options in this line available on request
A034 A4 Soft Cover Attendance Register 14pg EACH
MOOO A4 Hard Cover ref BS 65 EACH